A Psychedelic Silhouette

Alight fuck this I’m goin to bed. Later bitches!


10 Jobs For Wombats [video] [h/t: sizvivdeos]




you can tack on “and dragons” after any title and it’ll be 900% better

Dungeons & Dragons and Dragons

that’s TWICE the dragons, you literally cannot go wrong with this

I think it’s that time again folks time to rewatch In The Flesh

We had this Christmas tree, and we kept it even beyond Christmas, me and Tyler loved it so much and one time we were having people come over and Hoechlin picks up the Christmas tree and he starts bringing it into his room and me and Posey were like ‘What are you doing?’ and he was like ‘we’re having people over, I’m moving the tree into the room so it doesn’t get damaged’ and I was like ‘it’s not gonna get damaged what are you talking about bro, we’re not going to like touch the tree’ and he was like ‘alright, you just got to promise that we don’t break the tree.’ Cut to-

Yes, can I help you?


Yes, can I help you?

@the_ryan_kelley: Day 3 5:30am set selfie might just take the cake! @iamjrbourne #cantgoback #teenwolfseason4 [x]
@the_ryan_kelley: Day 3 5:30am set selfie might just take the cake! @iamjrbourne #cantgoback #teenwolfseason4 [x]


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#omfg#it looks like isaac has just hatched or something#and derek is so fucking confused by it#’da fuq is this thing’#’am i its parent now?’#’…. i guess it’s kinda cute’ (via cuallta)


"But like a full service date? With a three course dinner, movies and a sleepover? And a dessert?"
"You need to define what do you mean by dessert…"
"Okay, with dessert."

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