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As a demon…..


ever since this episode I’ve been waiting for a scene where Dean puts on glitter to get laid and Cas pops in and squints at it like “Why are you glowing when the light hits you?”





I just need, like, a million fics featuring Stiles trying really hard to be bros with Boyd, and Boyd just sort of blandly tolerating him.

#everytime Boyd says they’re not friends #he’s like #SOON

all i see is

Me: Why is this book over
Me: Why couldn't it be longer
Me: What am I supposed to read now
*glances at pile of unread books*
Me: Don't look at me like that

Came in to get spayed. Seems a little worried.


Came in to get spayed. Seems a little worried.

I'm sorry to hear that you are going through some hard times. Not great with advice but here is a little trick I learned a couple years back, from a letter Jerry Spinelly responded to a fan, I find it useful and hopefully so will you: Look Up, Look Down, Look In. Look Up for as long as it takes to realize where you are now is not the entire universe. Find a vantage point Look Down and see that one day you will be able to walk away. Look In at yourself all the things that make it worth something.

thank you nonny, I’m crying now, they’re good tears, so thanks.


I don’t ship Destiel in the hopes of seeing two men fuck each other in the Impala.

I ship Destiel in the hopes of seeing two men confront their love for each other.

There’s a difference.






Doesn’t that look beautiful?

Like something you’d find on one of those soft/pale/rosy/grunge blogs? 

Well nothing too rosy on my blog. 

The Bolton Strid in England is one of the most innocent looking streams. 

Though it looks like you could just hop across the rocks, but if you miss you will die for sure. It packs very rapid currents just a couple of feet below its surface. No one really knows how deep it really is. Nobody who has ever fallen into the Strid has survived. It has a 100% fatality rate.

It’s always the things I google expecting to be false that wind up being horribly true.


"It’s relatively common for people to assume they can jump the creek, walk across its stones or even wade through it (again, just looking at it, the Strid really seems to be only knee-deep in places, and certainly not the instant, precipitous drop into a watery grave that it is). Most of the time, they never even find the body. Which means there are just dozens of corpses down there, pinned to the walls of the underground chasms, waiting for you to join them…"

that is horrifying, england.


I can’t even with Coach rn


the reason i watch so many tv shows is because i’d rather worry about all the characters’ problems than my own