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okay I am tired of this shit

I will give my firstborn to anyone on here that can find me a link to watch Smokin Aces, not the second one, the first one, because I have looked everywhere, I have tried typing in every possible combinations of words to find a link and I got nothing, actually I got a lot of “page not found” and “file has been deleted”

so if anyone knows where I can watch it I will love you forever, or if there is a reason that nobody has links of it because of some reason unbeknownst to me and would like to inform me that is fine too

but I really want to watch it and I cant find it anywhere, someone please help me

Sterek High School AU ★ Cora’s had enough of Derek’s moping. If he isn’t going to do something about his little crush on Stilinski then she sure as hell will. (3/?)

WHAT IF AUCaptain America: The Winter Soldier, role swap (Sharon, Steve, Bucky, Natasha)

Please let your followers know that the tumblr TeenWolfonPoint is still reposting other peoples work without credit, and now they're completely ignoring messages people send complaining about it,



I made a post about this a week or so ago, but I just got this message, so I figured it was probably time for another one since the problem is still ongoing.


teenwolfonpoint.tumblr.com is continuing to repost people’s edits without credit, and apparently ignored some complaints that they stop.

Reblog this. Spread the word. People spend a lot of time on their work and deserve credit for it. They do not deserve to have it taken by someone else.

Take some time to scroll through @teenwolfonpoint to make sure your work has not been reposted without credit. If work and you know specifically to whom it belongs, please let them know. If anyone has any extra time on their hands, it would be cool if they could reverse google image some of the reposted work in order to find who originally created it so they can be informed.

REPORT THIS BEHAVIOR. Email support@tumblr.com. Include links to both the original post of the work on your blog and the stolen work posted at teenwolfonpoint

Tumblr can apparently a little iffy with this sort of thing when art and edits are made from screenshots, still, and scenes from shows or movies (since the person who did the edit does not own the original content). I’ve heard stories where the matter is simply ignored and where the original posts was also deleted. However, I have, on several occasions, reported the uncredited reposting of many of my edits and gifsets and have never had anything deleted, and the thief almost always had their posts deleted and, in some cases, their account was deactivated. 

So if you’re worried about you post being deleted, just make sure you have the images saved to your computer so you can repost them if that happens.

It is not okay that this is happening. It is not okay that this person is reposting, without credit, work that people took a considerable amount of time on. It is not okay that this person is completely ignoring requests that it stop. 

I’ve scrolled through the blog and seen this person attempting to excuse their behavior with “if they want me not to repost their work they can tell me that”. This does not justify it. So many people might not know that their work is being reposted. Their unawareness of the fact that their work is being stolen and posted without credit does not make it okay. 


I know I never post here. But this NEEDS to be posted. Please, share. Ashley Richardson is a home wrecker. She also goes by Witchlady750 online. http://shesahomewrecker.com/ashley-richardson-indiana/#more-16683


I know I never post here. But this NEEDS to be posted. Please, share. Ashley Richardson is a home wrecker. She also goes by Witchlady750 online. http://shesahomewrecker.com/ashley-richardson-indiana/#more-16683


a bi/pan person marrying someone does not indicate a preference for that gender, it indicates a preference for that PERSON

I can always count on my cat to side with me, even if no one else does.
Me: *cuts finger on paper plate* I'm dying
Mom: It's a paper cut you're not dying
Me: ...
Me: ...
Me: *looks at my cat*
Me: *whispers* I'm dying
Cat: ... *meows*
Me: I know, thank you for agreeing




this becomes more fun when you realize that this is the first time cas would see dean’s real face and not his soul 

If by ‘fun’, you mean ‘absolutely soul wrenching’, then yes.

super fun

but it is fun because he still thinks he’s beautiful


Sending a long meaningful message and getting a one word reply


holy shit I totally forgot I had a quill in my Harry Potter drawer

I’m about to write with a sweet ass quill bitches 


Who the hell is Bucky?



Salute to our native Queens, Mothers and Sisters.

I’m here for all of our NDN sisters



i can’t get over the knife scene in cap2 because the winter soldier is trying so hard to stab steve


but he keeps on dodging


which makes him so frustrated he just pushes him away